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‘How To’ Is Pointless Without ‘Why’ – Workout Fitness Article

“He who has a ‘why’ can bear almost any ‘how.’ – Nietzsche   Back in the 1800s, Nietzsche understood how pivotal the question of ‘why’ is to the human experience.     These days though, in the age of instantaneous and abundant information, asking ‘why’ is a lost art. For many, doing the work of digging deep and asking ‘why’ is just not nearly as convenient or comfortable as asking ‘how to.’   This is especially true when it comes…

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Running in the Summer Heat – Running Fitness Article

Running in the heat is something to be taken seriously! There is a lot to keep in mind while you continue to run during the summer months. You cannot run as fast when the temperature rises above 60F/14C. If you slow down 30 seconds a mile for every 5F increase above 60F, you can be the one who is finishing strong and passing other runners at the end. For every second you run too fast during the first half of…

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Do I need a personal running coach? – Running Fitness Article

Some runners run for health reasons, some runners run for time to themselves and other runners are running to get fast. If you’re in the third category, chances are you’ve considered whether joining a team or hiring a coach would be beneficial for you. RELATED: I just ran my first 5K. Am I ready for the marathon? Runners who would benefit from a personal coach Lauren Roberts is a Toronto-based physio therapist and owner of The Running Physio who says…

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