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Everyday I teach Pilates. » Blue Sparrow Pilates Written by Holly Furgason on November 23, 2016. Posted in Blog, Pilates In the wake of recent events, I’m taking stock. Everyday I teach Pilates. Yes, it’s “just” exercise. But in these uncertain times, I’m realizing it goes beyond fitness. Let me start with a little background. About ten years ago I set out to open a Pilates studio in the North Beach neighborhood of San Francisco. Both the location and the…

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Professional values – Physical Therapy Fitness Article

Professional values A recent study in Physiotherapy Canada looked to try to identify core physiotherapy professional values from both primary and grey literature and the views of physiotherapists attending the 2016 CPA Congress. The findings of the study perhaps unsurprising, with 10 values coming out most strongly: accountabilityadvocacyaltruismcompassion and caringequityexcellenceintegritypatient and client centredrespectsocial responsibility What is interesting about these values is not so much that they are stated at all – after all, most established health professions could and do…

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