How to Recover From a Marathon – Veggie Runners – Running Fitness Article

Well done on completing your marathon! Now comes the hard part… Recovering from a marathon can take days if you don’t do it properly – after my first, I had to wear slip on shoes until Wednesday because I couldn’t bend down to tie my laces… By my second, I’d learned a few lessons and felt good enough to go for a swim 2 days later. Here are some of the things I’ve learned over the years for recovering from…

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From Hair Loss to Hair Goals – or how the Wildcat got her mane back! – Fitness Article

It can be said for so very many things in life that you “don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone”- and for me, sadly, this once upon a time included my hair. As a child I had long, thick, and quite frankly unruly hair, and as a teenager I did as most teens do and experimented with several different hair colours. I always looked after my hair though, which is why the shock and stress of suffering hair loss…

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Protein For Everyone – Premier Fitness Camp – Fitness Article

| THE IMPORTANCE & THE MYTHS OF PROTEIN Protein for everyone! We all need protein in our diet, but it can be difficult to know what to eat if your diet style restricts consumption of certain types of foods- like a vegan or paleo diet, for example. So, whether you follow vegan guidelines or consume all types of food, we’ve got some great suggestions for you and a little bit of information on why you need to include protein in…

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The 3 Supplements I Take As A Vegan Strength Athlete – Fitness Article

March 13, 2019 This month I’m celebrating my one year vegan-niversary, and I’m pleased to say that after making a big effort over the past few months with my nutrition, training and rest, I’m feeling better than I ever have done before. Recently I’ve honed in on which supplements are really working for me and which were unnecessary by both seeing how I feel and using MyFitnessPal to track things like micronutrients and how much protein I was getting. Remember…

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From Keto to Whole30: A Sports Nutritionist Weighs in on Popular Diets – Fitness Article

New diets pop up all the time, and it’s common to get excited and want to jump on board for the promise of improved health, a smaller waistline, clearer skin, better focus, etc. But what if you train hard and your goals are fitness and performance related? Which eating style could potentially deliver results and which hold you back? Let’s check in with some of the basic pros and cons — as they relate to performance fueling — with some…

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