Watch: Rest and Restore at Yoga Vibes – Ashtanga Yoga Fitness Article

Watch: Rest and Restore at Yoga Vibes My newest video available at Yoga Vibes is a special treat for you: it’s restorative yoga! If you aren’t familiar with the practice, prepare to fall in love. It’s long holds of fully supported poses with the goal not to stretch but to let go completely. (If you find letting go tough, start off with one of my short movement practices to burn off your high-end energy and you’ll settle down more…

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All-Star Challenge | Aug. 5th – 24th – Fitness Article

Let’s continue summer with an All-Star Challenge!!!  BRAND NEW COMEBACK CAMP! The local-to-LA All-Star Challenge comprises: 9 team bootcamp workouts, 3 weeks of fresh lean Klean food delivery, plus 11+ cardio/indoor cycling classes, 3 rest days, 3 doubles (1 per week!), and 1 team spin ride. Start Dates: Meal delivery begins (and potential rest day OR spin/cardio class): Monday, August 5th Bootcamp starts: Tuesday, August 6th 3 bootcamps per week for 3 weeks   FIRST WEEK (Days & Times) Tuesday    …

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