» Exmore Diner (Exmore, VA) FueledByLOLZ – Running Fitness Article

Recently I was visiting my parents, and we decided to finally go to the Exmore Diner. They have a home up there, and we’ve always said we would go, but the timing never seems to work out. Atmosphere: AThe Exmore Diner is small and is a big, metallic, shiny, diner. It’s a stereotypical diner. Everything you picture in an old school classic diner is true. The inside has a few booths and a full-length bar. When we arrived, the only…

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Stay motivated with your running – Workout Fitness Article

  by Carrie Lane, Director of Sport Performance Isn’t the best runner the one who is having the most fun? I recently returned from a trip to my former hometown of Charlottesville, VA.  It was filled with running related events, including speaking at the UVA Running Medicine Conference, watching friends and former athletes run the Charlottesville 10 Miler, providing input on a soon-to-be started treadmill studio, and hanging out at a new local brewery founded by some former UVA runners.…

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