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Am I relapsing? | Day 3 of 90 – Blogilates – Pilates Fitness Article

Am I relapsing? | Day 3 of 90 – Blogilates I’ve been reading all of your comments and umm, let’s just show some of them right here: “She is relapsing into another eating disorder!” “She needs to get psychiatric help.” “She’s got a mental illness and a psychological problem.” First of all, I appreciate your concern for me – I really do – but telling someone they have a mental illness and that I need psychological help without EVEN KNOWING…

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‘How To’ Is Pointless Without ‘Why’ – Workout Fitness Article

“He who has a ‘why’ can bear almost any ‘how.’ – Nietzsche   Back in the 1800s, Nietzsche understood how pivotal the question of ‘why’ is to the human experience.     These days though, in the age of instantaneous and abundant information, asking ‘why’ is a lost art. For many, doing the work of digging deep and asking ‘why’ is just not nearly as convenient or comfortable as asking ‘how to.’   This is especially true when it comes…

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Top 4 Choices for Weight Loss – Fitness Article

Just think of it: Burning nearly 200 calories in a matter of minutes. Wouldn’t such calorie burning workouts be perfect for all those who think there is no time in their busy schedules for exercise? All you have to do is make some adjustments and include these effective and time-efficient workouts in your regular training routine. Because whether we like to admit it or not, we can always find 20 minutes to improve our health and fitness. What are these…

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Designing a Quality Life to Help You Age Well – Physical Therapy Fitness Article

Designing a Quality Life to Help You Age Well Share | Tweet | Share | print | email We all come from different backgrounds and have different health histories.  The key to living the life you want is accepting where your body is at right now.  Some of us have worked hard and exercised (maybe to an extreme) most of our lives.  Others have been too sedentary for too long and desire to get back to a pain-free and in…

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Cut Body Fat Using Methodized Strength Training – Workout Fitness Article

Occasionally, I pop my head out of my cave to examine where the average level of insight among the general public is in regards to strength and conditioning. I’m not as pessimistic as many of my contemporaries who look for things to be angry about to justify their general dissatisfaction with life. I think things are improving.   The last time I peeked out, I learned that crowds in the gyms and on the internet were looking into strength training…

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Here’s What You Can Do Right Now – Fitness Article

We probably all know the desire to give in to our sweet tooth — we need sweets and we need them NOW! We might also have cravings for pizza or some other type of greasy, salty food. Nasty cravings seem to appear when we least expect them and usually when we are unequipped to resist them. Are cravings caused by nutrient deficiencies? Although some conditions such as sodium deficiency and pica can cause cravings, there is no conclusive evidence that…

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Rowing Machine Workout For Building Muscle – Gym Fitness Article

Are you familiar with the rowing machine? You probably heard about it or seen it in your local gym but not have the confidence to try it out. Are you wondering how you can use it to your benefit? You have come to the right place! A rowing machine workout will build muscle effectively if you do it correctly. Find out how in the sections that follow. We will also cover other vital information to help you achieve your goals!…

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Does Walking For Weight Loss Really Work? | Weight Loss – Gym Fitness Article

Walking for weight loss does work as long as long as you’re not consuming more calories than you burned. When it comes to weight loss you probably have visions of hardcore cardio and extreme weight lifting in mind.  After all, you need to blast through hundreds of calories at a time in order to burn the fat and obtain the body you’re desiring, right? While these are all great ways to burn calories, you don’t always need to go to…

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Meet your new bestie: Eimele – Fitness Article

As you may have seen I’ve recently moved back to Sydney (cue immediate hectic work / life / balance) and I’m not the only one. You see there’s a new kid on the block, and someone I think you’ll also love. Her name is Eimele and she’s everything you want in a friend. Someone who has you’re back in this modern world. Someone to take to yoga with, meet after a busy day at work. Who’s always there to help…

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Get Shredded Diet Plan | Weight Loss – Gym Fitness Article

Have you heard of the Get Shredded Diet? It sounds like a great diet. I mean who wouldn’t want to be shredded? It’s instantly eye-catching. As soon as you remove your shirt or expose your midsection, everyone around just can’t help but look. The shredded body takes physical appearance to the next level. It shows you’re not only dedicated at the gym but in the kitchen as well. It’s so easy to slip up a bit in the kitchen, which…

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4 Reasons Your Meal Plan Isn’t Working For You – Fitness Article

I do not write meal plans for clients, despite meal plans being the thing many people feel is the answer to their nutrition challenges. Why? Because meal plans are very specific prescriptions. They tell you that you have to eat a very specific food, in a very specific amount, at a very specific time of the day. At a surface level, this seems easy enough, especially if said meal plan takes the guesswork out of what to eat, right? It’s…

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300 Calories a Day Weight Loss – Start Your Weight Loss Journey at Your Home – Fitness Article

Last Updated on February 15, 2019 Planning to burn 300 calories a day? Wait a minute, is that even possible? It’s so hard to lose an extra kilo, and whatever we do, we aren’t quite getting the results we want. But hey! Don’t give up as yet, as there are some secret hacks that can help you burn some extra calories, read extra hundred calories without putting in much effort. I am sure you are all ears, all eyes rather,…

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