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Chalk It Up: The Benefits of Using Gym Chalk – Workout Fitness Article

It can be frustrating and potentially dangerous to feel your hand slipping in the middle of a heavy lift. Gym chalk will improve your grip and help to protect your hands against skin tears. Chalk is especially useful when doing heavy lifts like deadlifts or chin ups. Some gyms are even supplying chalk these days for their members as the popularity of powerlifting exercises grows. It can be a great tool to help you push to that next level. What…

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Solid Six Packs – Ways to Strengthen Your Core and Build Abs – Workout Fitness Article

A lot of people start working out and go to the gym to get 6-pack abs, and why not? A tight, muscular core looks fantastic and has become a clear signifier of fitness, strength and a healthy lifestyle. One reason why a rock-hard midsection is so sought after is because it’s generally difficult to achieve. Developing a good looking 6-pack takes time, discipline, dedication and a lot of hard work. As with anything, start with clear structured goals and take…

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Boost Your Squat With Improved Ankle Mobility – Workout Fitness Article

Ankles are often overlooked as sources or hinderers of strength and power in your squat. However poor ankle mobility caused by injuries or poor movement habits and posture can cause errors in lifting form and increase your risk of injury and muscle strain. The ankle is a biomechanically complex joint. It is a synovial (which most of the body’s joints are and allow for movement but are susceptible to arthritis and related inflammatory conditions), hinge joint formed by the bones…

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